Appropriate to the current state of the theatre research and practice we have five core values which underpin all the activities of the Society and act as a ‘toolkit’ to guide us in the way we meet our objects. The TSTR demonstrates as many of the values as appropriate in all with which it engages. Continual Learning and Growth: We embrace positive change. We look outside the walls of TSTR to learn and document new ways to do things better. We take risks, and turn both successes and failures into lessons learned. We pursue a creative and compassionate environment committed to integrity, dignity that demands dedication, pride, and respect. Ultimately, we strive for a standardized operation of the Society for artistic, programmatic and administrative excellence. Inspiration and transformation: We strive to motivate positive change through theatre research and practice. We believe that theatre changes lives and the world. We seek to empower theatre researchers and practitioners alike by giving voice to varying perspectives, and offering opportunities for growth and a space to connect. Representing all: We champion a community of diverse peoples, practices, and ideas. We strive for open and powerful communication and unprejudiced understanding that strengthen and enrich the world. In theatre, as in life, we believe that variety fosters a more interesting and vibrant whole while enabling a deeper appreciation of each part. Collaboration: We believe that the best ideas, performances, and results come through the meaningful convergence of ideas and perspectives amongst director, actor, writer, designer, and audience. Therefore, we strive to cultivate and protect an environment of collaboration within our organization, as well as seek opportunities to work cooperatively with others. We aim to be an important voice in the theatrical world by focusing on theatre locally that has an impact globally. Promoting Equity, Diversity, Inclusion, and Accessibility: We celebrate individuality and honour diversity in all areas of our organization. We strive for excellence and recognize that our differences make us stronger. Therefore, we rigorously work to break down barriers to attending, learning, and creating theatre—including those based in race, gender, sexuality, ability and economics. We ultimately seek to foster and promote the celebration of diversity, equity, and inclusion. As an organization devoted to theatre, we believe that embracing differences is essential for us to not only survive, but thrive.