The TSTR is a non-profit organization whose purpose is to "promote theatre, performance, and drama studies at national and international levels for the benefit of all people." To fulfil this mission, the TSTR Board has set the following broad goals: Provide a voice for all those engaged with theatre and drama in and of Turkey, its varied histories, methodologies, aesthetics, traditions, literatures, and performances within its cultural contexts. Promote research in the history and technique of Turkish and world theatre Enhance communication among scholars, practitioners, and the public Produce new knowledge about theatre and performance-related disciplines by providing an intellectual and artistic centre Promote understanding and education through theatre Provide a welcoming place for all people to share knowledge and practice within the field of theatre Strengthen and diversify the unique power of theatre and the arts to connect, develop, transform, and empower people to become active members and change makers in our country and the world Offer a wide range of opportunities to share experiences, problems, successes and love of theatre throughout the country Foster and conduct cutting-edge scientific research on Turkish theatre and performance both domestically and internationally Increase public engagement with theatre; create social cohesion, and increasing people’s influence on their own lives and cultural practices Establish national and international collaboration with reputed theatre groups and organizations Facilitate, share and develop innovative research projects that generate new knowledge Encourage research into past and present Turkish theatre practice Explore the national, international and global contexts of the production and reception of Turkish theatre wherever it is performed Attract funds to TSTR and generate income to support research and development Turkish Society for Theatre Research is a nonprofit organization whose purpose is to advocate for the important values that theatre at all levels in Turkey bring to individuals as we work to expand hearts and minds through work both on the stage and off.
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